My Heart Horse

A while ago, I went on Facebook and a dear friend of mine posted that she recently lost her beloved horse.  She called him her "heart horse" which quite honestly was a saying that I had never heard before.  Upon further investigation, I understood both the meaning and the gift should one be lucky enough to have found their "heart horse".
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The University of Memphis now offers horseback riding as a PE course!

Back in December of 2016, it was announced on Facebook that the University of Memphis was offering to their students horseback riding as a PE course.  These lessons will be made available at Trinity Farm located in Lakeland, TN.
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It's a wrap!

It's amazing (to me anyways) that you can find "how to" videos to do just about anything on YouTube.  I was watching tv last week and there was a lady who watched videos on how to build your own home and she actually built her house from top to bottom with the exception of the electrical and plumbing!

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