Taking advantage of sales

With sales going on at your favorite tack shop, your hopefully taking advantage and stockpiling because you'll never will have enough horse accessories.  Whether you are a faithful customer to one particular brand 
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It's a wrap!

It's amazing (to me anyways) that you can find "how to" videos to do just about anything on YouTube.  I was watching tv last week and there was a lady who watched videos on how to build your own home and she actually built her house from top to bottom with the exception of the electrical and plumbing!

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My grumpy gielding

There's nothing worse than to see your child (albeit 2 or 4 legged for that matter) hurt.   Cappy is turning 25 this year and quite honestly this is the last thing he really needed to deal with.  The prognosis:  Deep flexure tendon injury that will require 6-12 month recovery time.  I am beyond grateful that although the recovery time is long and I may never be able to ride him again, at least he's still with me.  
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