Back in December of 2016, it was announced on Facebook that the University of Memphis was offering to their students horseback riding as a PE course.  These lessons will be made available at Trinity Farm located in Lakeland, TN.  Since then, The University of Memphis now has an IHSA team as of this month!  (I'm sure we'll get more information in the months to come).

With regards to their PE course, the course runs for 13 weeks and covers basic grooming, tacking and untacking and equitation.  It is designed for a wide range of students from beginners who have never ridden to advanced riders. With their SureHands Lift, Trinity Farms is also able to offer the course regardless of mobility difficulties.  While this is offered only to the students of the University of Memphis, feel free to check out Trinity Farm's website for additional information regarding their facility.  Here's their link to their website at