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A guided search allows you to find a selection of items from the So Southern ‘s collection on the website and then to make your choice from this selection in order to place your order. Your order is carried out in three steps:

  1. The first step consists of approval, by you, of the articles chosen for your order. So Southern guarantees that the items proposed at the time of the order are actually available; in addition, to avoid two simultaneous orders for the same item, So Southern verifies, at the time of the approval of the order, the precise availability of the items chosen and sets them aside.
  2. The second step consists of your entry of the necessary pieces of identification and other information required for the execution of the order, namely, in particular, the following items: name, complete delivery address, payment information and billing address. To that end, you may create an ‘account’ identified by your e-mail address and a password chosen by you, or you may check out as a guest, without creating an account. If you have already ordered from the website and created an account, these pieces of identification and other information will have been saved; you will then need to call up your account (by inputting your e-mail address and password); once connected to your account, you may, if necessary, modify any information.
  3. The third step consists of the final approval of the order. You are presented with a summary of the order, valid and binding as a purchase order, including all items selected, delivery, payment information and billing addresses, the total amount of the said items, taxes, and shipping and handling costs. At this point, you will verify the summary of the order and make, if desired, any modifications to it. After such modifications, you will be presented with a new summary of the order so modified. Any order whether modified or not must receive final approval on the part of the customer, based on the summary described. This action is effected by clicking on the ‘confirm’ button. This click constitutes an electronic signature that has, between the parties, the same validity as a handwritten name. So Southern commits to preparing the order in the shortest possible time. You will be advised of the shipment of the order via e-mail.