A while ago, I went on Facebook and a dear friend of mine posted that she recently lost her beloved horse.  She called him her "heart horse" which quite honestly was a saying that I had never heard before.  Upon further investigation, I understood both the meaning and the gift should one be lucky enough to have found their "heart horse".

I have to say and without a shadow of a doubt, Cappy is my heart horse.  After a 30 year hiatus, I got back into the saddle largely in part because of my daughter's interest with horses.  I also was not looking to buy a horse (isn't that always how it happens!).  Cappy ended up at the barn where Meg was riding at the time on a beautiful sunny Spring morning.   What can I say other than he had me at canter:)  He is, without a doubt the sweetest, the kindest and sweetest horse I have ever known.

We've had our fair share of injuries, colic and just plain "getting old" aches.  The care of a horse is not cheap (to say the least) and God knows all of the money that I have spent on Cappy throughout the years could go towards my retirement fund but I just wouldn't have it any other way.  When we bought Cappy, I promised him that I would be his last owner and that I would take care of him until the day he decides otherwise.  He's my sunshine on a cloudy day, my best friend and confidant and the reason why I started my business.  There is an undeniable connection that I have with him which is both beautiful and unexplainable and sometimes you just have to live in the moment and appreciate the gift you were given.