There's nothing worse than to see your child (albeit 2 or 4 legged for that matter) hurt.   Cappy is turning 25 this year and quite honestly this is the last thing he really needed to deal with.  The prognosis:  Deep flexure tendon injury that will require 6-12 month recovery time.  I am beyond grateful that although the recovery time is long and I may never be able to ride him again, at least he's still with me.  

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you our rehab journey.  Part of Cappy's recovery, is to wrap his injured right leg with poultice to help with the swelling.  I have tried other no bow from another company (just because I did not have his size handy) and I hated them.  I found that they did not roll up properly which made the job harder.  Having said that, I threw them in the garbage once I received my Wilker's No Bow which hold up great wash after wash and the whole wrapping process is done right the first time.  I now have 2 sets on hand at all times so that once they get dirty, I can can just throw them in the wash and know that I have another set ready for use.  I've also taken it a step further by monograming both my no bow and standing wraps so that everyone at the barn knows who they belong to.

As crazy as this sounds, I LOVE the smell of this poultice.   It is not the first time that I have seen Numotizine Poultice.   There was a mare at our barn that was battling the war against cellulitis and she had a very good outcome by using this product as well.  A little bit of this poultice goes a long and wrapping Cappy's leg with plastic wrap and no bows really gets the heat going.  I've been doing this every single day and when our vet comes to laser Cappy, that is the only time that we bring him to the wash rack to wash his leg off thoroughly so that she has a clean surface to laser on.    

Keep you posted on our progress.  Bye for now!