13 Hands Equine Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Not for Profit organization that rescues abandoned, abused and slaughter-bound horses. After a 30 day quarantine, the horses arrive at our farm to begin their second chance at life. It takes a lot of time, special diets, handling, veterinary care, etc. to bring them back to health. After they are rescued and assessed, they continue rehabilitation and re-training in order to help them find their perfect "forever home". They have strenuous adoption process to find the perfect match. This includes a home assessment, interview, reference check, etc. A select few horses will stay at the farm and become part of our equine therapy program for veterans and children suffering from PTSD, anxiety and other issues. Rescues that are not adoptable and cannot be used in therapy, will live out the rest of their lives in peace and tranquility and just be horses!

We are proud to partner with them. If there is a way we can help to rescue abandoned or abused horses and prevent them to be slaughter bound, we will gladly do so.